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It is said that nearly 80% of new home buyers use the Internet to find their real estate. While they may be able to hunt down a few options for their dream home, they still need a local real estate agent to assist them.

With Search Engine Optimized real estate web content, you will be able to drive home seekers to your site using popular keywords for your city, county, state or region. Rank high for the keywords that you desire!

There are plenty of real estate websites out there that feature the same look, layout, and content because they were designed to be mass-marketed. But cookie-cutter web packages do not deliver with your readers or attract search engines because they can read the same real estate web content at any one of dozens of sites.

Only content that is written specifically for your website, with localized keywords and phrases, will draw homebuyers or sellers to your site and engage them once they get there.

At SEO Copywriters, we have crafted unique web content for real estate professionals around the country which gives us the experience and insight to help you achieve your online goals and accelerate your career.

Our IT web content development process includes:

  • An in-depth interview to discuss the unique features of your business.
  • Recommendations and research on which keywords and phrases will achieve the best results for your site.
  • Fast turnaround on drafts for your review and approval.
  • Thorough research on what differentiates your agency from the competition and how to capitalize on those advantages.
  • Follow up communication after the project is completed to ensure that the future needs of your website are also addressed.

We encourage you to call us at 877.351.1665 or contact us here and explore the many ways that well-written, unique, search engine optimized real estate web content can propel your agency.

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